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Spikin' for Homes

$761!! Thanks to those who participated and State Farm's matching grant, we raised over $1,500. The first signature event for the school year was a SUCCESS! We had a great turnout with teams formed by SHPE, Theta Tau, Illini Wildlife, the Conservation Club, and more.

Your contribution to Habitat helped raise the funds to build a home for the Carter Family in Champaign!

Given it was our FIRST signature event, we were excited to see everyone having a great time! Thank you once again to all participants, volunteers, and officers who made this possible. We look forward to seeing you again next year! :)

In first place, *drumroll please**, we had... Karasuno! They came in and blew us all away with their mad volleyball skills.

In second place, give it up for... Pancakes 4 Dinner! (or as we all lovingly called them, "pancakes") They played 5 games straight in a row and they had a smile on the whole time.

In third place we have THE VBALLERS! Loved the green and tones of black combo!

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